Beanie & Bear was born in 2015 as the answer to many a modern parents’ dilemma: how to avoid saggy, uninspiring swimwear - no match for brilliant & bold children!

Having spent too many family summers struggling to find inspiring kids swimwear that could handle intense beach and pool fun without losing their colour or shape founder Noya Bebawi decided to take matters into her own hands.

As a graphic designer, children’s illustrator and mother of 2 (‘Beanie’ & ‘Bear’) Noya created collections designed to protect, inspire and champion the leaders of the future – today’s kids. Quirky, original and fun – Beanie & Bear designs mix joyous prints with a riot of colour.

Designed for the leaders of the future – today’s kids.
We believe every child is an individual to be valued for who they are. A bright, unstoppable young force with the potential to change the world! Our swimwear is designed to match. Featuring bold prints, bright colours, timeless stylish cuts, and our signature neon trims to help them stand out and ‘Be Seen’ on even the busiest beach – keeping kids safe and parents at ease. Happier parents, happier kids.

Recycled fabrics, fresh designs.
It’s not just their future we’re passionate about, it’s the earth’s. In 2019, we are proud to introduce our recycled fabrics cleverly produced from plastic bottles - many of which once littered the oceans.

Since its introduction in the 1950’s, 8.3 billion tons of plastic have been produced globally - a scary thought. We want kids to look after the planet the way we look after them - with attention, imagination and love. Now we have another way to show them how it’s done!

Using SeaQual and EcoNyl fabrics our swimwear is now as sustainable as it can be, and thanks to its innovative construction, it’s twice as resistant to chlorine, suntan lotions and oils. Protecting the environment with no compromise on quality or style.

Mixing the old with the new, our recycled fabrics come in original and exclusive illustrative prints you won’t find anywhere else that zing and pop with contemporary confidence with a nostalgic nod to Noya’s own childhood holidays.

Protecting them, protecting their dreams.

We want children to be bold, be brilliant, and be seen! Our mix-and-match designs and colourful bikini sets enable you to pick a combo that suits their individuality. Now their swimwear can have bags of character, just like them.

On top of head-turning design, each of our products has in-built UPF 50+ UV-protection to keep them protected under the sun. 

Created to last through the generations.
Beanie & Bear have an obsessive focus on perfect fit, soft and durable fabrics, and long-lasting finish. Quality and durability are at the heart of everything we do. We delight in hearing that our products are often handed down from siblings and cousins – lasting through the generations.

We are proud to design our products in London and have them ethically made in in Portugal.